EP042 – Shop Time with Jim Heavey

Ravinheart Renditions – A Woodworking Podcast – EP042 – Shop Time with Jim Heavey

On this episode of Shop Time I got the opportunity to have a conversation with someone I consider one of my working heroes … Jim Heavey.

I have seen Jim’s presentations at the Woodworking Show in Milwaukee several times over the years. His ability to present just about any topic in a simple and entertaining way keeps me coming back every time. In the episode we discuss Jim’s many roles in the woodworking community (The Woodworking Shows, Wood Magazine, Weekend with Wood) and a few other things about Jim and his working life.

If you have questions for Jim or myself, feel free to comment, Skype, or use the contact form. Be sure to check out the contact info at the end of the video for other way to contact the show too …
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Weekly Woodworking News #8- SawStop’s big announcement! Where’s Robert Lang? Lathe dust collection.

Weekly Woodworking News #8- SawStop's big announcement! Where's Robert Lang? Lathe dust collection.

STUMPY’S WEBSITE►http://www.stumpynubs.com



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Shop Report, Stanley 55, Woodworking Show, Turning saw, and more 3-15-16

Weekly shop report with lots going on.
New Stanley 55, Turning saw, sharpening station, and the woodworking show.

New Stickers
TPE Woodworking

KMK Woodcraft

Fun With Woodworking

Og Timbercraft

TabLeft Workshop

Bearkat wood

Dominic Bender

Retro Weld

Miter Mike’s

Got to go to the Woodworking show in Milwaukee and take my kids. love meeting new people and having a good time in general.

New videos of this last week were
Turning Saw

Making a Pen With out a Lathe

This week I hope to publish a video on a hatchet and another video on the making of a new sharpening station.

The big news for the week is the new Stanley 55 this will be a great new tool have in the shop, and I am looking forward to building a few projects in return for this.


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Слет Мастеровых 2015. Woodworking Show 2015

Выставка-Продажа Столярного Инструмента и Станков (США). Много и кастомного инструмента, всевозможных Мастерклассов и даже продажа старинного столярного инструмента!…
Хорошо были представлены брэнды: Festool, Veritas, Jet, Powermatic, Laguna, Kreg, Carter, Robert Sorby, Excalibur, Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, Fein и многи другие.
Удивило так же, что совсем не было фирм: DeWalt и Lie Nielsen. Первая фирма родом из Балтимора (ее владелец Black&Decker), а вторая в пределах 7 часов езды на машине…

Выставка Продажа антикварного столярного инструмента тут: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjci7RghAMM&list=UUFbOyfHZejcEM4YhtS13NDQ
И ее вторая часть: Аукцион Антикварного Инструмента тут: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REloOJ7Fv8s&list=UUFbOyfHZejcEM4YhtS13NDQ

Аукцион Элитного Старинного Инструмента: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri53nsqLZe8
Woodworking Show in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) Jan 3-5th, 2015. Now with English CC.

Also, you can check out another cool Event that took place at Damascus, MD, USA on March 14th: 2015 Patina Antique Woodworking Tool Spring Sale and Auction (in English):
And the Auction Part is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ris6EKQLyN0&list=UUFbOyfHZejcEM4YhtS13NDQ
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EP050 – The Woodworking Show 2014 in Milwaukee

Earlier this year I took a ride down to the Woodworking Show in Milwaukee. I had the opportunity to do some filming and as always pick up a few things for myself. I now have a couple of new texturing tools from Ron Brown and got a pretty good deal on a big pack of foam brushes. There was time to catch up with Andy Chidwick and his family when I got the show. As you can see in the video I had a chance to speak with several of the exhibitors including Ron Brown, Earlex, Aqua Coat, Dubs Longboards, Milwaukee Lutherie, Kreg, MicoJig, and many more. After the show I had a visit with Jim Heavey, Roland Johnson, David Heim, Richand Wedler and some of the Bosch Reps at Dinner. It was a great show and a great time after the show as well.
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