03: Five Shop-made Tools You Got To Have In a Small Shop

A quick demonstration of my favorite shop made improvements and innovations for space saving and low cost. A revolving tool station, a mutant shop vac, the cross cut sled, a mechanical workbench and more.

The “lift” mechanism for the workbench and the double drawer slide idea come from American wood worker mag feb 2014. Everything else (as best as I can remember) is original.

Link to Video on The Tool Carousel.

The duct tape part was meant to be a joke. As I was taking the fan out of the box I decided it would be more entertaining to use the cardboard box the fan came in instead of making a wooden box with latches. This is why I painted the box and all that. However, in the context of the video most people think that was the design from the beginning. Taping the box each time would certainly be wasteful, and there are many options that are better such as latches or Velcro.

Woodworking Hand Tools – Workshop Tour

A quick toor of the small wall mounted tool cabinet holding my woodworking hand tools. I added this tool chest so I could have immediate access to all of my dovetail saws, chisels, hand planes, hammers, etc., whenever I’m working at my workbench. Sized to utilize some lost space in my garage, it’s proven to be a perfect addition. The convenience has improved my workshop efficiency and keeps me organized during projects.