Sketchup for Woodworkers – Dimensions and Printing

In this tutorial I cover several of the most common woodworking joints—miter, half-lap, tongue and groove, splined, rabbet and groove, blind dado, sliding dovetail, mortise and tenon, and the good old-fashioned dovetail.

If there any more you’d like to see just leave a comment and I’ll do an additional video in the future covering those as well.

(I realize my rabbet and groove ended up being more of a rabbet and rabbet!)

SketchUp for Woodworkers: Getting Started

The full version of this video is available at in both CD ( and digital download ( formats.

This ShopClass is comprised of our series of 12 lessons in the basics of using SketchUp (a free 3D-modeling program from Google). These video lessons take you step by step from setting up the software to gathering information from your finished model. So you’ll head to the shop with all the information you need to build any project with confidence. You’ll know the exact sizes of every part, and how the parts go together — before you ever cut any wood!
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Create a woodworking plan in Sketchup. Plow and Hearth Flip down Cabinet Plans

This video demonstrates the use of Sketchup to create a woodworking plan / measured drawing for an item. This item happens to be a Plow and Hearth fold down cabinet / flip down sideboard. The free woodworking plans can be found at