Ridgid R4512 10 inch Hybrid Table Saw

Check out my favorite finish blade for the Ridgid table saw on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2e4a32r Freud D1080X Diablo 10-Inch
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We take a close look at the Ridgid 10 inch hybrid table saw. See what we liked about the saw and the very few things that could have been done better.
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Ridgid 18 volt JobMax tool cutting drywall

Here’s a Ridgid JobMax tool cutting some drywall using the oscillating head with segment saw blade and also with the Rotary/Drywall cutting head. Check out my other videos for the RotoZip head, the Tool Free Blade Change Multi-Tool head and soon I will be posting a video of the Reciprocating “Sawzall” head. I only did these videos to be able to post them with my tool reviews on the Home Depot website and hence they are short and not very informative. Since they have received a fair amount of views outside of the Home Depot website and I enjoy making them and being able to provide others with information on tools I will be making some new videos that are more in depth reviews so check back soon!

Here are a few links for different Half Moon Blades which they also call a Segment Blade. I also threw in some links for blade packs with cases, I think these are great as you can get a good selection of Multi-Tool accessories for cheap and the case keeps your blades all together when you pack it around. I personally own the Rockwell kit and it has been a great kit plus the case is big enough that I jam all my stuff in it, an extra Half Moon blade, 2 Rasp blades, 2 more Scraper blades, 3 extra plunge blades and I even jam my 2 little small packs that hold my RotoZip bits into the case as well! I recommend that you look around to see what kind of deals you can get and the different types of blades and multiple other accessories available! I am partial to the Half Moon blades because I find they cut easily and are easier to control that a standard plunge blade, I am headed to Harbor Freight to pick up both their HSS Wood/Metal and HCS Wood Half Moon Blades today. I have found the blades I have bought from there to work good, be durable and they aren’t a fortune. Overall in my experience I like Rockwell, Dewalt and the Harbor Freight Blades because they have worked well, been durable, aren’t to expensive and also like the fact they fit my Ridgid JobMax Multi-Tool heads without the need for an adaptor and that’s on both my Tool Free Blade Change Head and my standard Multi-Tool head, I will leave links for both the Multi-Tool heads at the bottom.







Here are links for the Multi-Tool heads for the Ridgid JobMax and note these heads will fit every JobMax power base, Cordless 12v &18v, Corded 3amp & 4amp and the Pneumatic Powered Base. You can note in the video I am using the standard head which came with my 18 volt JobMax, some models do come with the Tool Free Blade Change Head but not the 18 volt model, I bought it later on and even though it cost me an extra to buy I have to say it’s worth every penny. Check out my other videos and there is a short video on the Tool Free Head. Also stay tuned, I recently purchased the Reciprocating Saw “Sawzall” head and will be posting a video on it soon. I will leave a link for the Sawzall head also. And if there is enough interest I will be reviewing some more of my Ridgid 18 volt tools, including the Gen4X jigsaw, and Gen5X Brushless models 7-1/4″ Circular Saw, Hammer Drill and the amazing Stealth Force Impact Driver soon as well. Thanks for Watching!



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New Tool! Ridgid JP0610

New Tool! Ridgid JP0610

I couldn’t pass up this deal! Looks like someone special ordered this tool from the Home Depot Website and decided they didn’t want it. My local Home Depot put it on clearance because they didn’t have room for it.

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Tool Talk #7: Ridgid 12″ Compound Sliding Miter Saw

Info and links: http://jayscustomcreations.com/2016/02/tool-talk-7-ridgid-12-compound-sliding-miter-saw/

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Ridgid Laminate Trimmer Tool Review – A woodworkweb.com woodworking video

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The Ridgid Laminate Trimmer is a great little tool that works wonders for trimming of laminate or arborite materials or just rounding over the edges of wood. The tools is not designed as a full-fledged router, but rather as a trimming and edging type of tool. For larger jobs, a router may be required.
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