7 New homemade woodworking tools & jigs coming soon! (and some BIG announcements!)

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New Woodworking Toys and Shop Organization

New woodworking tools are a woodworker’s delight. This past couple of weeks I’ve been working with pallet wood. Wanting to build better knobs for my future jigs, I ordered a hole/wheel cutter from Woodcraft.

Some the weeks projects were wanting to sharpen all my chisels and planes. I’ve done this in the past free handing and doing my best at maintaining a 30 degree angle on my chisels and a 25 degree on my blades. My block plane was new when I bought it, so it has been easier to keep it sharp.

Several years ago, I purchase an old Stanley #4 Bench Plane and it was so far from being sharp, I must say I failed a sharpening it and maybe made it worse. There were two times I almost threw it in the garbage.

I found a honing guide in my new Woodcraft catalog and thought about that old plane. I ordered and used it within 15 minutes of taking it out from the packing box. After about 30 minutes of honing and cleaning my stone about 6 times, I have that old Stanley producing the shavings that you look for from a plane. I’m happy and I think with future touch up sharpening, it will get better.

The honing guide did wonders on all my chisels too. If you are looking for a way to sharpen your tools, I suggest that you consider using a honing guide. If you’re an old pro, then you can disregard and continue with your procedures. I’m learning as I go and having fun doing it.

Other parts of the video show the steps in shop organization. One thing I like about French Cleats are the fact that your storage can be modified very easily. Some day when I get the south side wall repaired and insulated, I’ll probably bring those shelves over, closer to my workbench.

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