5-Axis CNC tool Grinder. CNC Cutter tool grinder. Manual tool Grinder.

5-Axis CNC tool Grinder. CNC Cutter tool grinder. Manual tool Grinder.

No.9, 6th Road, Taichung Industrial District, Taichung 40755, Taiwan.
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Technology – Consistent Persistence‧Optimization – Promotion Motivation‧Professional – Leading Factor
Since the establishment in 1980, TOP WORK has been engaged in the pursuit of enduring improvement in quality and service to the esteemed customer, and these principles had successfully led TOP WORK Tool Grinder into global tool grinder market, and made a trust-worthy reputation of the brand name “TOP WORK”.
“In Unison” is the consisted centripetal force for the each member in TOP WORK. In addition, TOP WORK has extended the unison to the partnership between our clients and agents, in order to create a win-win benefit.TOP WORK’s tool grinder range includes universal type and CNC type and mainly provides to the tool factories, especially, those who producing and re-sharpening the tungsten carbide cutter grinding.
Universal type. Universal cutter & tool grinder.onaset cutter & tool grinder.HOB sharpening Machine.Special tool grinder.TD Series Diamond wheel truing and Dressing Machine.SI Series PCD & PCBN Grinder
Broach and helical shaper resharpen machine.TB Broach CNC Grinder.Helical shaper cutter resharpening machine.CNC Cutter tool grinder.5-Axis CNC tool Grinder.4-Axis CNC tool Grinder.Manual tool Grinder.
TOPWORK thanks all customers for their trust and support during 40 years. In the process of fulfilling customer’s requirement, we have professional know-how and innovation technique to improve the product quality, to gradually establish a professional standing in global cutter tool grinder market.
By the time we devoting ourselves into creating socio-economic value, we never forget the importance of environmental protection, and engaged in Eco-Friendly activities.
As a specialized cutter grinder manufacturer based on actual figures to create the brand, TOPWORK will continue to offer clients with the highest quality products, and to construct a forever management kingdom!
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Industrial Reclaimed Dining Table with Minimal Tools

You can make a table top like this using only hand planes and a skill saw (plus clamps a hammer and glue). You need a welder, drill and angle grinder to do the metal work, or you could find other options for the base.

Thank you Stanley Tools for the awesome No. 62 low angle jack plane. It is a must-have plane. If you buy one, tell Stanley I sent you 😉


The music is from a live recording I made with my short-lived fusion band, “the Tim Sway 3” about 10 years ago. It features Tobey on drums and Michael Connolly on guitar.

Here’s what they do now:

http://www.thewildonesband.com/ (Tobey)

http://www.lucindaandmichael.com/ (Michael)

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Cabinet Door Machine Part1 – Woodworking – Laguna Tools

Laguna Tools Woodworking is proud to introduce our latest Industrial Series machine, the Raised Panel Master. This machine is designed to allow a single operator to produce a complete cabinet door in less than 2 minutes. The single-piece welded steel frame provides the ultimate support for chatter-free work. The heart of the machine is a shaper spindle which holds all three cutters needed to produce a door. The spindle is powered by a 10 HP motor for smooth cuts and is quickly positioned from the front of the machine with a dial. The turret system insures complete accuracy without test cuts and the pneumatically controlled spindle height is quickly set. The 2 axis sliding table rides on linear bearings in all directions and includes a pneumatic hold-down clamp for quick setup. The pneumatic EZ fence quickly positions stock for the next cut. A large diameter tracer bearing provides perfect control for straight and curved template following.

Request More Info at http://bit.ly/2aivtbh

Woodworking – Laguna Tools Drill Press – Platinum Series 18″ Industrial

Our Platinum Series 18″ variable speed drill press gives you the features needed to drill at unusual angles. The 2 HP TFEC motor, variable speeds from 200-2280 RPM, and a 12.5″ x 16′ pivoting table make this drill press a must have for any woodworking shop.

Request More Info at http://bit.ly/2aivtbh

CNC – Laguna Tools Woodworking Helps Huntington Industries Become “Leaner and Greener”

The ecological footprint left by Huntington Industries, one of the most environmentally friendly furniture manufacturers in the industry, is getting smaller and smaller, thanks to the new CNC SmartShop machine from Laguna Tools Woodworking. Hiatt is proud that every component comes from the United States and that every piece of furniture is built from scratch in Southern California. Request More Info at http://bit.ly/2aivtbh
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Creating Natural Art, Surfacing Wood Using Amana Tool Industrial Insert Spoilboard CNC Router Bits

Creating Natural Art, Surfacing Wood Using Amana Tool Industrial Insert Spoilboard CNC Router Bits

http://www.toolstoday.com Watch Stu as he surfaces a slab of camphor laurel wood with this large, industrial Insert Spoilboard CNC Router Bit #RC-2251 and turns the wood into “Natural Art”. Stu, from Stu’s Shed (http://www.stusshed.com) briefly talks about the comparison of the 3/16″ and 1/4″ Dia Miniature Flush Trim Plunge Template Router Bits with Upper Ball Bearing Guide versus the size of the 2-1/2″ Dia Insert Spoilboard CNC Router Bit.

Once the slab of wood was secured, the insert router bit bit handled substantial cuts. At one point the cuts were exceeding 5mm deep across the majority of the width of the bit. The slab of wood was intended to be a table top, however after seeing the wood being surfaced, Stu decided to hang this on his wall and call it “Natural Art”.

View the Insert Spoilboard CNC Router Bit #RC-2251 online at: http://www.toolstoday.com/p-5714-insert-spoilboard-surfacing-rabbeting-flycutter-and-bed-skimming-cnc-router-bit-with-scorers-2-2-design.aspx?&variantids=11808,0&keywords=RC-2251

View the Miniature Flush Trim Plunge Template Router Bits with Upper Ball Bearing Guide #47222 and #47224 online at: http://www.toolstoday.com/p-6238-miniature-flush-trim-plunge-template-router-bits-with-upper-ball-bearing-guide.aspx?&variantids=11670,0&keywords=47222

Natural Art Using Insert Spoilboard Surfacing, Rabbeting, Flycutter and Bed Skimming CNC Router Bit with Scorers, 2 + 2 Design, by ToolsToday.com, Your Source for Industrial Quality Tools!

Music by Lis Viggers, https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/piano-solo-single/id591034635

Watch the original video by Stu http://stusshed.com/2014/05/19/episode-101-david-and-goliath

Hermance Machine Co. Video Tour Industrial Woodworking Equipment

http://www.imcpa.com/directory/hermance. Hermance Machine Company, located in Williamsport, PA, provides a wide selection of quality industrial woodworking equipment from the U.S. and abroad. They offer lines of new and used woodworking machines, and specialize in equipment refurbishing. Hermance also offers a wide variety of quality machine parts and woodcrafting supplies, has an extensive showroom, and hosts a Rockler Store.
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Woodworking – Laguna Tools Combination Machine – Shaper Sander

The Laguna Tools Woodworking Industrial Series Shape and Sand Machine quickly and easily allows users to cut and sand everything from doors to moldings in one pass. The entire frame of the machine is a rigid singlepiece frame of welded steel for vibration-free work. The integral feed system uses a 6 wide heavy-duty conveyor system with replaceable pad segments. Five offset rows of rollers hold the stock to the conveyor for precision chatter-free cuts every time. The centralized control panel controls all 3 separate work stations in the machine to provide a finished product in a single pass. The first station in the machine is a large, powerful shaper to cut the profile of your choice. Two sanding stations follow to detail sand the work piece. Tilting heads on the sanding stations insure a perfect finish every time. If you need to increase your profits this year, this machine is a sure bet!

FREE Laguna Tools Literature, DVD/Video Request. Want to hear about more new products coming up? Contact us at http://bit.ly/1ceDd6K
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