Building a French Cleat System for Power Tools

Building a French Cleat System for Power Tools

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This week I build indiviudal holders for each one of my power tools so that I can store them on a French cleat system
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20 thoughts on “Building a French Cleat System for Power Tools

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  3. April, great video! I stole your creative idea and i'm halfway done my cleat system in my garage.Β  What is the song at 1:40, 2:10, 2:28 etc.Β  I use an app to identify the song but I get an author who has a blog.Β  Do you know the artist/song?Β  Keep up the videos as I'm plan on also stealing your folding table/work benchΒ ideas.

  4. Thanks. I am going to set this up in a couple places in my shop. It will be nice to actually be able to use my work benches.

  5. April, as I read the comments I see lots of opinions and / or suggestions. So here's mine, the three most important tools cannot be found on your wall! Those tools are your creativity, talent, and willingness to learn. This comment is almost two years removed from the video but just had to clarify these tools that many overlook!

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