Build a crosscut sled: essential table saw jig

Making crosscuts on a table saw can be a challenge. A crosscut sled is an essential jig for any table saw to ensure perfect 90 degree cuts every time. More info and full article:

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20 thoughts on “Build a crosscut sled: essential table saw jig

  1. Steve, really like your videos. Just one question, where do you get a steel level? I've looked for one and can only find heavy aluminum and the good ones are quite expensive. Would an aluminum level take any clamping pressure? Tim

  2. Quick question – they sell aluminum runners for sleds. Did you use wood runners to save on unnecessary cost or do you know something I dont know about aluminum runners?

  3. Hi Steve, is there a reason why you set the square of the front fence off the blade and not just off the slot it cut?

  4. Steve, I assume you planned for this when designing your sled, but I couldn't help wondering if the blade could be raised high enough to accidentally make contact with the steel angle?

  5. Haha I seen the picture of "other" woodworkers, I literally laughed out loud! Startled the wife as well win, win. 😉

  6. Awesome video !! Do you think 1/2 plywood would do well for this sled since there is no stress whatsoever because it fully sits on top of the table saw ? Thanks !

  7. Thank you, Steve. This is the best and most effective tutorial I ever seen about this kind of jigs. Regards from Brazil.

  8. I'm a complete newbie. Will this crosscut sled prevent kickbacks? I noticed you don't have the riving knife while using this jig. Or is it there and i just cant see it?

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