Best Woodworking Tool Set For $200

I’ve put tother what I’d consider the best woodworking tool set for around 0.



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20 thoughts on “Best Woodworking Tool Set For $200

  1. I am super thrilled with the way this is turning out. Even if I don't win this for my 8 yr old son, we will see about making a box like this his first project. I will just have to build the tool kit first. 😉

  2. This has been a good series, who ever ends up wth the tool kit will definitely have something to pass on to there kids one day.

  3. This series has brought back so many memories of working in the shop with my father. He was tremendously talented and could produce finely crafted items with the limited tools he had available. I'm the one son who inherited the "workshop" gene, but unfortunately his meager tool collection ended up scattered to the wind, so I didn't inherit his tools.
    As a child I can remember being so frustrated at his not having "modern" tools to work with whenever I wanted to build something, but now I fondly remember the feel of his brace and the sound of his plane as it slid across the wood.
    I hope this tool kit goes to someone young, a special someone who appreciates the old ways, someone who can put a lifetime of memories into the tools, someone who can start that father/son cycle over again.

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