How to Make a Picture Frame with Epoxy Inlay Detail

There are lots of ways to decorate picture frames. Here’s how to create a color inlay stripe in wood using epoxy and wood dye. Dyes are available in most colors, so you can create just about any color decorative stripe. Chris Marshall demonstrates full instructions for how to mix the dye solution and then mix in two-part epoxy.

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Fine Woodworking Associate Degree, Furniture & Cabinetmaking Certificate at Bucks County College

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Fine Woodworking:
The Fine Woodworking Transfer Program is designed for the studio arts major interested in specializing in the medium of wood.

Furniture and Cabinetmaking Certificate:
This one-year certificate program develops essential entry-level skills required in the furniture/cabinetmaking business.

Innovator of the Year

Koetter Woodworking, Inc. Named Innovator of the Year
by the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association

WMIA presents its Innovator of the Year award to a company that produces a unique and innovative wood-based product or uses an innovative process to produce a wood-based product using high technology machinery supplied by one or more WMIA member companies. This year’s recipient, Koetter Woodworking, Inc. was nominated by WMIA member Hoosier Woodworking Machinery, Inc.

Innovation has always been a key component of Koetter Woodworking’s business model. They say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”; that is certainly true of Koetter Woodworking’s 50 year history of finding new ways to increase efficiency, improve material yields, and consistently produce the highest quality wood products available. From the dry kilns designed by company founder Tom Koetter to the latest addition of Weinig’s Luxscan scan/chop system added by COO Jerry Koetter, we are committed to investing in technologies that will serve the needs of our customers today and for generations to come.

We are honored to have received this recognition and we are even more honored to serve the diverse needs of our loyal customers.

Thank you!

The Kanna Smoothing Planes, Presented by The Japan Woodworker—-Unsai.aspx
The Japanese Kanna or smoothing plane is a pull-style tool with a heavy-duty blade designed for efficiency and using the body to control and operate it.
The Unsai Blade is a combination of best quality low carbon and high carbon “white” steels carefully hand forged by a master blacksmith at low heat. Each blade is then individually tempered to Rockwell c65. Body length is 10¼˝ and width of cut is 2¼˝. The blade is bedded at 40°
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Raider Power Tools – Combined woodworking machine RDP-CWM01

Power: 2200 W
Asynchronous electric motor
Idle speed: 5500 min-1
Has an option for connection to an external dust collector.
May be connected to an external dust collector
Weight: 79kg
The combined woodworking machine can cut like a circular saw, plane like a jointer, drill holes with a mortiser, carve out with a router holes of different forms and plane like a thicknesser.
Circular saw Option
Workplace: 750 — 520mm
Vertical tilting head from 0 — 45 degrees
Circular saw blade size: 250 x 300 mm
The height of the disk over the counter is adjustable through its lifting or sinking
Maximum depth of cut: 85 mm
Parallel guide
Protractor for miter cuts

Planning Option
Maximum width in planning: 250 mm
Two knives of high speed steel
Length of workplace: 1000 mm
Maximum depth of planning: 3,5mm
Moveable table through a screw mechanism
Option for mounting a clamping device limiting the thickness of the material to 60 mm
Moveable shield

Thickness planer
Maximum thickness of the planed details: 160 mm
Maximum width in planing: 250 mm
Automatic take-on of the board at a speed of 5 mm/s
Plug-in for dust extraction

Routing and drilling Options
Chuck: 0-16 mm
Adjustable by height table (course of movement to 100mm), to which a parallel guide may be attached
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