Best Wood Finish for Woodworkers

I know what your thinking… wood finishes are a very subjective topic and there really is no single best finish. But this woodworking finish is my personal favorite, especially on walnut, which is my favorite wood. It’s a finish made famous by amazing woodworkers like Sam Maloof and George Nakashima.

This finish may not be the most durable or the cheapest, but it feels the most natural to me.
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Wood Carving with Chris Pye, Master Woodcarver

This video is an extract from a series on the Woodcarving website in which Master woodcarver Chris Pye shows you how to carve ‘Thumbnails’, a classic surface decoration you can use to enhance table or breadboard edges, for example.

To see more of lessons from Chris Pye, go to:
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Top Green House, Guitar & Gun Cabinet Woodworking Plans, Projects and Ideas

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Wood joints Japanese way level 1!!!

Wood joints Japanese way Showing the world that there are still passionate craftsmen around who love what they do and find joy in enriching peoples lives with relationship and art. My videos are for inspiration purposes only and I do not consider myself an expert. Using power tools can be dangerous so be safe and work at your own risk. Thank you for watching my channel!!! wood joints according to Japan!!!
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tool return / supplies / project’s #3 vlog escagedo woodworking

tool return / supplies / project’s #3 vlog escagedo woodworking
We need to run around town ‘ MIAMI’ and get some supplies. We also need to return/exchange the Harbor Freight combo belt/disc sander, item #69033
Escagedo Woodworking
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Making 34 Phone or Business Card Holders with 50 bucks

If you are a woodworker and want to learn how to make some money with your hobby, check out my new series starting with this one called “Mass Production, making money at woodworking”.

I hope you enjoy this and if it inspires new ideas please share them with others!

Music By: Josh Woodward
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