Woodworking Project – How to Make a Drill Press Table

A drill press table is a great woodworking project for the woodworkers workshop. Many fellow woodworkers have asked me about the drill press table in my wood shop. Many woodworkers have difficulty with the typical small metal tables that come with the drill press. So, this woodworking how to video was created to show you how to make one for yourself. The Apprentice and The Journeyman provides a woodworking video tutorial and building a drill press table. The drill press is a great tool, however many woodworkers simply find that the original metal tables that come with the drill press are less than ideal. This drill press table that is made in the woodworking shop allows for better, clamping, better accuracy, and a better way to work safe. theapprenticeandthejourneyman.com Continue to improve your woodworking skills and enjoy the craft! Subscribe to YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com TheApprenticeandTheJourneyman.com TheApprenticeandTheJourneyman.com Learn more, Experience more!
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Gun Cabinet Woodworking Plans.wmv

www.jacksfurnitureplans.com You CAN build this nice gun cabinet with limited tools and experience. The cabinet measures 72″ high, 32″ wide and 17″ deep. It will easily hold 9 long guns plus some handguns and has storage for ammo and accessories. Very complete, step by step instructions available in PDF format for just .99
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Free Woodworking Plans – Woodworking Pattern How To Build A DIY Storage Shed!

www.HomeWoodworking.org – Tons of great wood plans projects to complete over the holiday weekend with your family. Materials lists provided so you’ll know exactly why to buy. No more wasting money buying the wrong materials. How-to information on home improvement, detailed plans and instructions for woodworking projects.

Rockwell BenchJaws Vise Review Presented by NewWoodworker

Rockwell’s new Benchjaws free up your hands to adjust the workpiece while your feet do the work of clamping. No more endlessly spinning that crank handle with one hand while struggling to hold an unwieldy workpiece — just pump the foot pedal with both hands comfortably supporting your project. For more details visit www.rockler.com

Woodworking Projects Book (Diy Woodworking Plans)

Download DIY Woodworking Plans tinyurl.com If you are in the verge of building new pieces of furniture or a shed or a deck then the first step that you need to keep in mind before you start working is the plans for them. The plans should be precisely perfect without any flaws so that the outcome is not a failure. There are several woodworking plans and projects that are available online. The advantage about these plans is that they help you to get a clear image and remove all the doubts that you might have in your mind. The main objectives of a woodworking plan are that they make sure of the type of the wood along with the shapes, sizes and the cutting work necessary. It also encompasses the entire list of the accessories that are necessary for the same. Planning is always the first step in any process and so is the case with the woodworking too. Without plans you will not be able to throw enough light on what approach and outcome that you might be able to see. Therefore plans form the most vital part of the woodworking project. If you are looking for ready made plans then there is a lot in store for you online. You would even be able to make a library out of the plans that you can download from the internet. It is not just accessible it is affordable and they are all made by the hands of the experts. Therefore this would also reduce that chances of you incurring any failure and increase the level of your skill even without letting you know. Therefore the woodworking

Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” – Northwestern Ship Model

This is the final product of approximately 1 month of sporadic work. The model is 48″ long, 16″ wide and 40″ high. Everything you see including the traps. anchor, rigging and of course the ship itself is handmade. I am not the builder! The model with built by my father (who you can catch a glimpse of in the background, he’s the white haired fellow). The builder is entirely self-taught, he has taken no formal woodworking, metalworking, painting or artistic courses of any kind. The ship was built basically by eye. I printed out approximately 20 photos from the internet (mostly from Discovery.com and it’s affiliated sites) and he used those as reference. Everything you see does function. The traps, the loading dock, the rigging/pulley system etc. Parts of the deck do in fact open into the crab holds – you can see the outline on the deck showing separations of where they are located. He tried to make everything as realistic and close to the original as possible. I imply no ownership of the “Deadliest Catch” television show, Discovery Channel, or the Northwestern Ship itself – those are all owned and operated by their respective parties. I do however claim ownership of this original model on behalf of it’s builder. If you have any specific questions for the builder, please post them and I will have them answered in a timely manner for you.
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