WEMA JOKER 7000 CD – wood Copy lathe and demo video

The Joker CD copy lathe model from www.copylathe.com has more features than the JOKER 7000 copy turning Machine (also referred to as a copy lathe). When turning highly detailed profiles the speed at which the cutter travels can be pro- grammed up to 6 zones. With the variation of the position of the cutter, a turning diameter up to 380 mm is easily archieved in copy mode. Knowledge of NC is not required for programming. The WEMA JOKER 7000 CD shows the features of the JOKER 7000: the copying slide runs on hardened and grooved low-maintenance ball transfer guides. The lathe chisel is located very close to the revolving collar plate which guarantees vibration-free turning of the workpiece profile. email us for a quote sales@copylathe.com on the web:www.copylathe.com

Airial View of The Michigan Magazine Museum Comins, Michigan

Join the Michigan Magazine crew as they soar like an eagle high above the Michigan Magazine Museum on board a power parachute. View the scene durring one of the television shows Expo Arts and Crafts Shows that drew thousands each year to this little off the beaten path location!
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